About Game Night Buzzer

Game Night Buzzer is the perfect tool to take your virtual game night to the next level. If you play Quiz Bowl, Name That Tune, or other trivia games, our buzzer is for you. Two different modes let you control the type of quiz game you want to run.

Use our Quiz Bowl Mode to turn your quiz bowl questions into the full academic bowl experience. You can use our buzzers for online competition, or for your quiz bowl online practice.

If you want to turn your quiz questions or trivia questions into your own TV-style quiz show, choose Reaction Mode. The quiz maker is the host, and activates the buzzers at the end of each question - just like on TV. Trivia night becomes your own private game show with Reaction Mode.

Even if you don't write your own quiz bowl packets or don't consider yourself a trivia maker, you can use our buzzers to turn any quiz website into virtual games for you and your friends.

Game Night Buzzer is also a great remote learning resource. If you're a teacher using virtual classroom games, our buzzers can help you make studying in groups more fun. Teachers can take their lessons or trivia questions for kids and make those lessons more engaging with our system. Go ahead! Hosts, choose a mode and open a room. Players, grab your buzzers. Get busy quizzing!


Kevin Cole

Kevin Cole is an employee communications manager, freelance voice artist, and former radio journalist. An avid board gamer and trivia buff, he enjoys creating word puzzles and games for friends and family. His work in radio led him to opportunities as a public address announcer for the Indiana Fever, Indiana Pacers, and Indiana Ice. He's been the stadium announcer for the Indiana State School Music Association Marching Band Finals for more than 15 years. He enjoys spending time with his fiance JoJo and playing games with his family. Kevin has a black belt in dad jokes.

Stan Jastrzebski

Stan Jastrzebski has considered himself a "semi-professional trivia nerd" for more than two decades. He's played in trivia competitions in more than a dozen states, including being on teams with two top-10 finishes in Challenge Entertainment's National Trivia League, a top-15 finish at Geeks Who Drink's Geek Bowl XI and a top-5 finish at TRASHionals X. Stan has appeared on Jeopardy! (2017) and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? (2018) and is an advisor to the Purdue University Quiz Bowl Team.

Michael Dupée

Michael Dupée is the 1996 Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions winner, and his 1988 Emory University team was the College Bowl National Tournament runner-up and tied Georgia Tech for the first-ever National ACF championship. He has been designing online, multiplayer trivia and puzzle games since 1996. Mike wrote the code for this site using Java, PHP, javascript, HTML5 and the Websocket protocol. Mike likes hiking, camping, the Florida Gators, Boston Red Sox, and playing board games and cards with his wife, Zana, and three kids -- all avid gamers and trivia buffs.

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